DANCE UP YOUR MIND meets VIBRAZIONI Dance Improvisation & Instant Composition

Weekly Class | Thursday 06:00pm - 07:45pm

“{…} movement of ideas is movement of being”
Mallarmé (1842-1898)

From and for Eva Burghardt
Conducted by Stefania Petracca
(due parental leave)

This weekly course is intended as a regular BASIC TRAINING for improvisation and instant composition in a permanent group. THE WORK IS ORIENTED TOWARDS A PERFORMANCE that will be presented on December,15th in Urbanraum.
A dancing body is a body in a constant state of changing tension, and this tension is related to vibrations. Topic of the work are vibrations of sound and voice connected with movements as experienced in different proximal perceptions. The lesson begins with various warm-up exercises, in which the presence and awareness of the body is practiced and in which the focus is on the NOW.
Gravity, space, dynamics and time are investigated, exploring the connection between breath, voice and movement. In the first phase, improvisation will serve to broaden one’s possibilities of movement and to detach oneself from predefined forms. In the second phase, participants are introduced to more complex structures of solo and group improvisation. The improvisations are to create compositions on the moment, individually and in interaction with a group or a partner. We want to dedicate ourselves to play honestly, surprise ourselves and explore the balance between freedom and determination…

Previous experiences of dance/movement/movement/theatre/improvisation are welcome, but not necessary.

BLOCK B (November-December) 7.,14.,21.,28.11. & 5.,12.12. & Aufführung am 15.12. um 17.00!
EUR 84 / 69 - Early Birds till 30.10.19

BLOCK C (January-February)
16.,23.,30.1. & 13., 20., 27.2.
84 EUR / 69 - Early Birds till 7.01.19

The course take place with at least 7 participants and is limited to a maximum of 16.