The Dancing Body October-December 2019

Weekly Class | Monday 10:00am - 11:30am

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    open level
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    Drop in: EUR 12
    5 classes card: EUR 50
    10 classes card: EUR 85 (valid for 3 months)

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Monday, 10-11.30am
October-December 2019

The Dancing Body is a dance class which aims to lay the basis of the connection of body and mind to the dance. We start the class with movement instructions and exercises, that work with the senses in relation to the body parts and inner organs. The exercises bring the attention to what physically happens in the body while we dance or improvise, before the “making decision” stage. This thing will be the base point for an exploration and development of movement and later on for improvisation.
As part of the class we will practice working in pairs or in a group to improve the skills of dancing in space with other bodies. We will learn to see the composition created in the space. We will practice touch: how to touch and being touched while dancing, how to respond to different modes of touch. We will learn how to express different qualities of movement in the body, and more. Among this, the class will be corresponding to other fields of art.
The class is fit for dancers and for those who want to dance and discover new things in the body, to explore movement, creation, body and mind. Fit also for therapists and for teachers of different body techniques.

Inbar Kubi -
Language: English

Inbar Kubi is an independent dancer, choreographer, improviser and teacher. She is working in collaboration with artists coming from different fields of art. Inbar received her bachelor’s degree in dance and choreography at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance; and has a diploma in Gymnastics from the Wingate institute. Since then she studied a variety of movement techniques. For instance, in the last year Inbar has been living and studying in the WDP Academy for Internal Martial Arts in Berlin. Those studies are part of her journey of researching dance, movement and body language.