Dance class series with Monica Gentile (16. Nov - 21. Dez)

Weekly Class | Friday 10:00am - 11:30am

This class is based on movement research, improvisation, and somatic work, which is combined with dynamic collective tasks and performance scores. We will work on sensing mutable space and time, in which the construction of presence is based on principles of instability.

The work integrates hands-on partner work, taking inspiration from somatic studies and Aikido principles.

The classes are offered for professional as well as amatuers who have an interest in movment research.

The class is in English and German.

Further infos and registrations:


Monica Gentile is a dancer, choreographer, Yoga Teacher and a martial arts practitioner (Kung fu and Aikido). Her dance practice is based on Movement Research and Somatic Practicies. Monica has trained in dance since she was very young, starting with Ballet and continuing into Contemporary Dance. She graduated at the University “DAMS THEATER” at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of Bologna, where she focused on dance and theater anthropology. She has studied a range of techniques including Cunningham, Limòn, Nikolais, Release Technique, Contact Improvisation, physical theater and Butoh.

Her choreographic work and physical research investigates the embodiment of animalistic qualities, trance, minimalism, and the states of the body, energy and breath. In particular she is interested in investigating contrasting concepts within the body (presence / absence, solidity / evanescence) with a visual and imagery based approach. Her intent is to reveal these paradoxical states through evocative choreographic elements and in the construction of hybrid figures with the body and its gestures. Her work is characterized by a strong presence – creating an atmospheric / imaginary space around the body and expressing connections to forms found in nature, landscapes, and the geographical. The point of reference in her work is not only the body itself, but how we place it and perceive it in relation with what surrounds us.

The choreographers and artists she have worked with have brought her to understand artistic practice as a political, ethical choice, related to the artist’s surroundings: Virgilio Sieni (Director of the Biennale Danza, Venice), Simona Bertozzi, Anna Albertarelli (working in the companies Gohatto and Vi-Kap), Michele Di Stefano (MK), Sonia Brunelli (Barokthegreat), Cristina Rizzo (Kinkaleri) with whom she formed the group of research CAN I. More recently Peter Player , Maria Francesca Scaroni, Renate Graziadei, Maya Carroll and Julyen Hamilton, Keith Hennessy, Clara Furey, Nita Little, German Jarequi.