NOON at 4 dance class facilitated by Davide Troiani and Lilly Pöhlmann

Weekly Class | Thursday 04:00pm - 05:30pm

Once a week we will create a shared space, which allows us to practice, learn together and share knowledge by doing.
The invitation is directed to dancers and passionate amateurs from different disciplines who wish to join a regular dance class on Thursday afternoons.

During the class we will offer a range of exercises and tools for researching our own personal dances. We will work with set patterns and improvisational structures in different settings. At the end of each class, we will invite everyone to take part in a group composition where we can individually as well as collectively wrap up what we have been exploring during the session.
Music plays an essential role in the class for moving with joyfulness.

Come and join each other’s dance!

Davide Troiani and Lilly Pöhlmann met at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. In his last year of studies, Davide completed a course in dance pedagogy that focused on principles for teaching in schools and community settings. Lilly is currently giving dance classes to kids and teaches improvisation for adults. They are excited about teaching together and combining their practices in this new setting.