Physical theatre Physisches, performatives & transdisziplinäres Theater

Weekly Class | Tuesday 08:00pm - 10:00pm

In this Physical Theatre course we explore and experiment with the diversity of possibilities of contemporary theatre: between playfulness and depth, collective arrangement and inner experience, vitality and form, etc. Theatre, dance or performance? We propose a hybrid training where boundaries become blurred and where the body is at the centre. The training aims to reflect the reality of contemporary stages and nowadays creative processes.

Body / Experience
The body is the basis and starting point for creating materials in Physical Theatre. It is about getting to know the body as an instrument of artistic expression. A body can show inner permeability as well as become an outer surface of representation. The training begins at the interface between inside and outside, experience and expression.

We understand play as a basic prerequisite - as a disposition for theatre. It is about the readiness to get into contact with yourself with genuine joy. The communication (physical, energetic, emotional…) with other participants as well as the space or the situation creates an important basis. Communication patterns and possible responses are explored, reflected and aesthetically (re-)arranged. This leads to an expansion of your possibilities of perception allowing you to step onto the theatrical situation with expanded consciousness.

In this Physical Theatre course we combine different time-, genre- and culture-spanning techniques that complement classical theatre with elements of contemporary dance, performance art, installation, philosophy, visual arts, etc..

The ability to act as a performer requires commitment, readiness and a sense of aesthetic communication. It is about distinguishing stage presence from everyday reality and learning to use it meaningfully.

Physical Theatre Collactive

Physical Theatre COLLaCTIVE was founded in Berlin in 2017 by Rosalin Hertrich, Marc Carrera and Sophie Ketteniß to further develop a teaching and artistic concept for a possible nowadays Physical Theatre. The three of them are currently immersed in an ongoing discussion on the possibilities, directions, formats, spaces and materials of a contemporary physical theatre.