The Poetic Body I - Entering Dance Improvisation and Composition

Weekly Class | Thursday 6:00pm - 7:30pm

  • Level
    This class is open to everyone with a sincere interest in Improvisation and Composition. Previous art practice of any kind (poetry, music, painting … ) is recommended as well as some dance/movement experience.
  • Cost

    Try Out: EUR 12 Drop-in: EUR 14
    5 Classes Card: EUR 60
    (Valid for 2 Months) 10 Classes Card: EUR 110
    (Valid for 3 months)

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NEW CLASS! - Starting on: 17 JANUARY 2019

Poetry in motion.
The body takes us into journeys. Together or alone.
Considering dance and movement as verses from a poem.
Using movement as an expressive tool.
Letting the body be the guide.
Art and dance.


Experiencing different improvisation techniques, we will work intensively with the body and its ocean of expression, allowing the poetics of the body and its presence in motion to unfold; going a bit further on taking that into Compositions. Creating short pieces and “poems in movement” that are open to meaning and interpretation. Unfolding suggestive landscapes and alive compositions. We will work with presence, inner visions, and imagination, inner discourse/speech, decision-making, braveness, vulnerability, clarity of movement, musicality and present time awareness. Using tasks and exercises related to practices like Action Theatre, Instant Composition, Dance Improvisation, Creative Writing, and Butoh.

The class will begin with a research practice where we will explore the possibilities of movement and dynamics, expanding our movement vocabulary, visiting thought improvisation different qualities and choices; in order to make ourselves available and potentially free in HOW we move. Here we will work on expanding, rediscovering and experiencing the HOW and WHAT we are doing. Creating our own material and acknowledging it as a dynamic constantly changing living thing, that has its own life, detached from our identity.

We will work a lot on learning how to LISTEN to ourselves and others. We will practice being constantly in present time, ready and available, like a wildcat. Creating and choreographing, phrasing the movement in order to let the material speak up and dance it with joy. Taking that a bit further we will jump into the field of relation to others, to ourselves, and to the material we are creating, or that’s being created. Working on duos, trios, and group compositions as well as in Solos. Taking the whole work to serve the composition, and letting it rip off you to serve the poetry and the “third body” = The composition. Practicing WHERE and WHEN we do what we do, and noticing how time and space can be modified. The class is also conceived as a PERFORMANCE PROJECT. Around May-June, if desired, participants of the class, under the direction and guidance of the teacher, will perform a piece that will be created on these sessions and on possibly, extended hours of rehearsals. Last year participants of THE POETIC BODY performed on a weekend event (2 Shows) at Urbanraum the piece “We Ghosts” ; a 35-40min dance piece performed by the whole group (ten participants). Looking forward to this year!

Like a baby who has not yet learned to smile
but attempts everything innocently,
the baby has no past to measure the present.

Go beyond the idea of right and wrong
Never forget that you are a child of nature.

Because every day is new,
you have never arrived
and cannot expect to understand.
So let it go.

Be gracious in times of confusion
because the Way is mysterious

Your thoughts ever manifest as experience.
Become the master of your response.

From the Taoist Master/Dream Analyst – Kari Hohne