Tanzakrobatik with Jule Förster

Weekly Class | Thursday 12:00pm - 01:30pm

moving. slighting. jumping.

Dance acrobatics joins acrobatic elements with differents aspects of contemporary dance. Where does a movement come from and where does it lead me to? We will divide movements into smaller parts to understand it and put it back together. The class consists out of a playful intro, partner exercises, some technical, acrobatic work and dance sequences. The physical focus lies on strengthening the upper body such as abdominals, shoulders and lower back. The aim is to feel our body through its physicality and energy. Let’s sweat!

Classes In June/July: 21.06. & 28.06. & 05.07. & 12.07.!


Jule Förster (*1988) studied theater, media and dance in Hildesheim and Berlin. Her background as an artistic gymnast brought her to the interface of acrobatics and performance. Since more than 10 years she acts in different contexts on and behind the stage. She teaches dance and acrobatics in circus, dance schools and other socio-cultural projects.

Further informations: julia.foerster@arcor.de