The RAAAH workshop movement and creativity / 14th August - 25th September

Weekly Class |

14th August - 25th September!

RAAAH is not an abbreviation. It is rather an almost-word. It refers to that funny grunt or the awkward face we so often employ as an attempt of trying to say or explain something when one is overwhelmed by the experience. RAAAH is just that word we sort of say when we cannot say something. And even though it does not mean anything, it says everything.
Being able to embrace the unsaid or what is still to be said, RAAAH is a departure point, an experience activator for this workshop, that aims to give room to creativity and the non-defined parts of ourselves through movement.
Expectations are fine. There will be a lot of laughter. There will be a lot of playfulness. Sometimes we will dance, sometimes we will scream. Lack of judgements is a main principle. You will sweat. You might cry. You might not understand, I might not understand neither. There will be music. There will be generosity and encounters. You can’t prepare for this.
We will follow the eye-stretching method, i.e. to become sensitive for what is there to be seen, to be felt, to be heard, to be imagined. Concentration, transvision of space, energy variation, movement density, micro moves, voice, continuity, listening, inutility are some of the principles we will work on and develop with. I will be guiding this experience, and you too.


This workshop is open for everyone. No previous knowledge required. It will be held in English and/or German and/or Portuguese