The Raaah! Starting May, 9th New class with Mariana Hilgert

Weekly Class | Thursday 08:00pm - 09:30pm

Welcome to RAAAH, a space to explore movement, creativity and fun.

The purpose of RAAAH is to give room to a common need we all have: expressing and getting in touch with our creativity and the non-defined, non-logical and playful parts of ourselves.

And all of this through movement practices. They comprise of different games that take place with and within our own bodies. Each game is like a colorful piece of a funky Lego construction kit. These games aim is to help us find our way back into our own inner playground and therefore into our ability of laughing, of feeling joy, without judgement, of playing with others, of feeling alive in our bodies.

The RAAAH games are built upon three core elements that will guide us throughout the whole workshop:

MUSIC: Every game comes with a paired song. This helps us activate our imagination and allows us to dive deeper into the experience.

GENEROSITY: Each game is an opportunity to be generous to ourselves. This means you can take a break anytime, that there is no right or wrong, that you can embrace your weaknesses and insecurities in a judgement-free zone.

FLOW: A space where we can flow and be in the zone. This is the kind of space RAAAH wills to create and hold for its participants. The RAAAH games guide us into an experience of the present moment, resetting our listening skills, our concentration range and our headspace.

RAAAH is based on the eye-stretching method, i.e. every game aims to expand our capacity of seeing things beyond their usual meanings.

Creativity is an outcome from a eye-stretching practice. It is a skill we can learn. RAAAH is the room for this learning process. RAAAH is an activator for a creative life.

STUFF TO BRING: comfortable clothes, pen + paper

Please email to reserve your spot.