Tools for conscious play - Intermediate 'Contact Improvisation' class series 8 classes, starting January 2018

Weekly Class | Tuesday 08:00pm - 10:00pm

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    All 8 classes: EUR 100 | EUR 80 if paid before 15.12.2017
    5 classes: EUR 70 | EUR 60 if paid before 15.12.2017
    Drop in: EUR 16

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In this intermediate class we depart from basic technical skills to deepen and differentiate our perception of our own and our partners’ bodies. From there we broaden our spectrum of possibilities for improvised contact dances by either exploring different principles for moving together or working with set pathways. While we investigate anatomical details and structures of our moving bodies - alone and in contact - we develop our CI-practice towards a greater ease in dealing with all sorts of physical challenges. Technique is important for me not as an end in itself, but as a tool for supporting our never ending journey towards (more) freedom of choice - in the dance as well as ideally in daily life. We will mix the technical inquiry with some profound silliness and playful curiosity. Sweaty and wild dances and precision don’t have to be opposites.
Come prepared for some concentrated play and you probably get a chance to experience yourself as having/being a moving, sensing, feeling and expressing body in a fresh and new way and find satisfying as well as interesting dances.


LEVEL: intermediate (basics such as the principles of sharing weight, rolling point of contact or feeling comfortable supporting 100% weight of another person on low and medium level should be there). If you are insecure about your level of experience, but think that sounds so much fun that you want to do it, get in touch with me.


This class builds week to week. While I want to keep it open for drop-ins I strongly encourage you to do the full course because the more consistency you bring to your learning the more you get out of it. If you can’t make all the classes, consider a 5-times-card or talk to me about individual solutions.