DAMP SHEETS A dance performance by Jennifer Ocampo Monsalve

Event | November 11 & 12 2017 , 19:00

“We need walls like damp sheets which lose their shapes and wed our psychological fears … To find for each person those umbilical cords that put us in communication with other suns, objects of total freedom that would be like psychoanalytic mirrors.” – Roberto Matta

Concept & Choreography: Jennifer Ocampo Monsalve

Performers: Rossella Canciello, Jenny Döll, Iro Grigoriadi, Iliana Kalapotharakou, María Sánchez Alonso

Music & Sound Design: Alberto Lucendo

Set Design: Jennifer Ocampo Monsalve, Charles Gonzalez

Photography: Louis Fernandez

Graphic: Florencia De Solminihac

Produced at: Urbanraum

Reservations: info@urbanraum.com