Event | June, 10th , 12:00

12.00 & 15.00!
With Kerem Shemi, Iliana Kalapotharakou, Jenny Ocampo, Carmen Volpe, Karina Suárez Bosche, Roberta Ricci/Daniela Lucato, Maria Sanchez Alonso, Laura Giuntoli/Raffaella Galdi!

Die „SUNDAY SOLOS“ zeigen verschiedene zeitgenössische Solo-Tanz- und Performance-Arbeiten von in Berlin lebenden Tänzer_innen und Choreograf_innen. In dichter Abfolge lässt das Showcase ein Kaleidoskop ganz unterschiedlicher ästhetischer Handschriften entstehen.

Sunday Solos present contemporary solo dance performances by different dancers and choreographers living in Berlin who have collaborated with Urbanraum in different ways before. The show will take place during the day.

DUAL - Choreography and dance: Iliana Kalapotharakou
(work in progess)
This piece is about contradiction, contrast and duality.The performer comes in conflict with herself, contradicts herself, finally finds herself through losing herself. Dealing with the topic of duality as the nature of all things, the work interrogates how the complementarity of opossites is substantial to our being.
A non-concluding process by default, this existential solo departs from Marx’s dialectics and Nietzsche’s unity of opposites, and is presented as a continuous effort to face the dual nature of things.


RADIO DANCE - Choreography and dance: Kerem Shemi
The dance embodies actions of unravelling and emptying movement patterns that have been imprinted into the body, by bringing them out of their context. With a background in martial arts and dance, the performer raises questions about the validity of physical technique once it has exceeded its own set of rules. Techniques from martial arts that have been inscribed into her body by repeating them over and over again, are stripped from their original “function” and become echoes of the subjective physical experience. While the search of a song on the radio becomes the musical composition itself, as in John Cage’s Radio Music, the shuffle of the body between/in its physical memories becomes the dance.

(only one show at 15.00)

REALITY & FANTASY - Dance: Carmen Volpe / Mentoring: Karina Suarez Bosche
„People are always selling the idea that people with mental illness are suffering. I think madness can be an escape. If things are not so good, you maybe want to imagine something better.“ John Forbes Nash
It is a short cult of the full Performance CODE - “Categories of Disorders”

DER REBELLISCHE KÖRPER - Regie/Choreographie: Daniela Lucato / Tanz: Roberta Ricci
Angeregt von der Lektüre und Diskussion des Aufsatzes von Silvia Federici, Der große Caliban: der Kampf gegen den rebellisch Körper, und basierend auf Sara Fortunas Skript, setzt das zweite Kapitel der oben erwähnten Trilogie eine choreographische Interpretation der Kontrolle und Unterwerfung des Körpers in Mittelpunkt. In diesem Rahmen gilt der Lernprozess des menschlichen Körpers innerhalb der Montagekette als zentrales Moment gilt: Was passiert mit dem Körper, wenn er Objekt einer Rationalisierung wird, die ihn in ein Stück einer Maschine verwandelt?

ROOT - Choreography & Dance: María Sánchez Alonso
“I am humid earth. Root. I am the echo of the Aurora. I am the dawn and the sunset. I am wood. Steel on my teeth. I’m the horizon. The fate. A flame, that lights in the wheat. The foliage of the forest.” Natural phenomena unfolding, through poetic expression, from the body into space. The dancer shakes out an inner landscape of missing, the scream of her own root, letting it rip out to sweetly touch, ground.
Sound and Music by Jan Youssef
(Only one show at 12:00)

SOLO (work in progress) - by Jenny Ocampo
Jenny Ocampo is a Colombian choreographer and dancer based in Berlin. She studied dance at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen. Currently, she finishes her M.A in Dance studies at the FU Berlin. In her recent choreographic project, Expanded being, the bodies act as vulnerable filter in human relationship with otherness. Her method intertwines perception of inner and outer worlds into dance.

BREAKING OUT (from solitary confinement) - Choreography: Raffaella Galdi / Dance: Laura Giuntoli
Breaking out (from solitary confinement) is a dance solo created for Laura Giuntoli. It has been initiated by Raffaella Galdi inspired by two fundamental sources: the dancer Laura Giuntoli and the music “Last days in the desert”. The solo projects to the outside Laura inner dialogue and the exploration of her inner universe. A magnificent journey into the inner world and the revelation that in the end we are all alone with ourselves.

DESIERTO DE SILLAS (excerpt) - Choreography & Dance: Karina Suarez Bosche
The piece is a live collaborative improvisation piece that creates an immersive aesthetic experience. It is an interdisciplinary work. From immensity, from the desert or the empty, a character irrupts. She walks and sees. Warm lights in the hands of “an other” constructs her. The sound of a sandstorm. She coexists amongst imagery, throughout the chairs and people set around her. The confrontation between individuals and their own demons, their ancestors, and identities.

Sunday, June, 10th: 12.00 & 15.00
Price: EUR 12 / red. EUR 8


Picture: dancer Jenny Ocampo
Photographer: Menelaos Liondos