Schwer Abschied nehmen wenn ich Taschentuch sehe (premiere) A work by Luisa Rüster

Event | September 23rd 2018 , 20:00

Change happens with and through movement. A consistent flow from here till somewhere else and back. Arriving, without really arriving. Moving on. Inspired by land-art artist Richard Long and his sculptural works, Luisa Rüster investigates into the correlation between personal perception, actual physical movement and the eternal movement of nature. She focuses on the change of time and operates with Longs continuously repeated concept of spiral, circle and line. In our longing for constancy we continuously realize how ephemeral constancy really is. Change is omnipresent. What is blown away or continues to flow is not lost or completely gone. It just materializes in another form. Movement stands for alteration, transience, transformation and renewal. The beginning is often the end. From the end we start again. Saying goodbye and getting together anew.


CONCEPT, TEXT & CHOREOGRAPHY Luisa Rüster, in collaboration with the performers
PERFORMANCE Jenny Ocampo, Vivien Estelle Roos, Luisa Rüster
STAGE Maria Färber
COSTUME Vera Thallinger




Born in Oschatz, Germany, LUISA RÜSTER lives and works in Berlin as choreographer, dance artist and writer, exploring the boundary between art practice and academic disciplines. In 2016 she received her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Cultural Studies and Art History at Humboldt University of Berlin where she pursued intensive research into memory forms in dance and the way of remembering movement. All of it in perspectives of philosophy, cultural studies and dance practice. In her final Bachelor work she shed light on how the human body functions as a medium of memory in the context of the German Dancetheatre movement. Currently she is attending the postgraduate program (M.A.) in Dance Studies at the Free University of Berlin, where she studies and works with Mette Ingvartsen, Nora Amin and Sebastian Matthias, amongst others. Luisa lived in Sevilla for a longer period working at the Museo del Baile Flamenco expanding her knowledge into the tradition and art of Flamenco. During this time, she worked as choreography assistant for Cristina Hall - both on her flamenco work to Shostakovich’s String Quartet No.8 at the Teatro Cajasol Sevilla and on her piece Beneath the Hidden presented at Teatros del Canal, as part of Talent Madrid in 2014. Very recently she participated as a performer in a work by Melati Suryodarmo in connection with the exhibition Hello World. Revising a Collection at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin. Her artistic expression evolves between dance and poetry and is based in the desire to investigate the simplicity and immediacy of human expression in relation to the outer world. She is drawing her inspiration from multiple sources including visual arts, philosophy, nature, as well as personal conversations and experiences. As a starting point of her creative process she uses poems and writes her own texts. This drives from the necessity to find out what moves herself and urges others to move through life.

JENNY OCAMPO is choreographer, dancer, dance scholar and mentor based in Berlin. She was born in Colombia and moved to Germany where she received her dance degree at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. During this period, she was chosen by the choreographer Pina Bausch to dance her icon pieces Sacre du Printemps and Tannhäuser. Currently, she is completing her (M.A.) in Dance Studies at the Free University of Berlin, expanding her knowledge into the field of science and dance theory. She worked for several years as solo dancer for the Dance Theatre Company at the Theatre in Münster. Since 2009 she works independently, doing her own projects as well as collaborating with other artists and theatres of the free scene in Germany and South America. Together with the choreographer Marcela Ruiz and the director Philip Gregor Grüneberg, she founded the Hidden Tracks Company. The company have created international productions co-produced by the Colombian and German government. These have been performed at festivals and theatres in both countries, for instance in the Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, FFT Düsseldorf, DOCK11 Berlin, LOFFT Leipzig and Zeche 1 Bochum. Parallel to this collaboration, Jenny develops her own choreographic work in Berlin since 2013. Mirage (2016), Damp Sheets (2017), The Canvas (2017) and S (2018) are some of them.

VIVIEN ESTELLE ROOS is a Contemporary dance artist based in Berlin with her family. She also works as a teacher for Dance, Yoga and Pilates all around Berlin. Her focus lies on researching Dance Improvisation in various forms and spaces inspired by the minutia in everyday life. Her inner and outer worlds are sources for creating movement and feeding her intuitive style of teaching. Vivien is currently collaborating with artists such as Silke Kästner, Inder Salim, Guillaume Bruerre and James Slater, working on performance, painting and film. Vivien has worked with choreographers including Felix Ruckert, Michael Laub, Kirstie Simson, Robert Clark, Bruno Caverna, Herman Heisig, Angela Woodhouse, Hanako Geierhos, Laura Döhler amongst others. These works have been shown in cities such as London, Berlin, Belgrad, Kiel, Bremen, Vienna, Oslo, Delhi and Srinagar, where she has also taught Workshops in Vinyasa Yoga, Dance Improvisation, Site Specific- and Somatic Dance Explorations.

THOMAS NICHOLSON, composer and pianist, was born 1995 and raised in New Brunswick, Canada, and is now based in Berlin. He has a fascination for the art of many times and practices ranging from traditional music to Italian Renaissance painting to various experimental and cross-disciplinary forms of the last fifty years. Since 2014 Thomas’ works have primarily explored the expressive possibilities of just intonation and the subtleties of how it is perceived in transforming musical situations. He has a deep interest in acoustic instruments, understanding and developing the practical intricacies of how music written in just intonation might be realized. As a pianist he has performed with some of Canada’s leading chamber ensembles and at festivals such as Aventa and New Brunswick Summer Music Festival; recitals including works like John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes as well as Morton Feldman’s Triadic Memories and Palais de Mari. Studied (BA) at the University of Victoria with composer Christopher Butterfield. Currently studying (MA) at the Universität der Künste Berlin with composer Marc Sabat.

MARIA FÄRBER’s interest for theatre and art started at the Dancetheatre of Pina Bausch, where she participated in the project Kontakthof mit Teenagern ab 14 from Pina Bausch between 2008 and 2012. Since 2016 she studies Stage Design (B.A.) at Universität der Künste in Berlin. She already gained practical experience in making a stage during a two week stage design project at the UNIT Theater of UDK in march 2018.

VERA THALLINGER was born 1993 in Munich and graduated 2015 from Esmod Berlin, where she studied fashion design and patternmaking. Since then she has been collecting atelier experiences in fashion houses such as Viktor&Rolf and Kaviar Gauche. Currently she is working in a position as Stylist at Chloé where she has been gaining insights into customer requests and needs and has been fully immersed into the codes of this French maison. Alongside she is following her passion, creating custom-made garments and costumes with a focus on textures and patternmaking. Her garments are intended to give the wearer an individual confidence based on the outstanding textiles and unique craftmanship.

YIGIT DALDIKLER was born in 1988 in Ankara, Turkey. He studied Social Policy, Computer Engineering and finally Performing Arts as main field. His works encompasses performance, video, installation and sound as well as realizing performances in social context and participatory art practice. He has also worked as project coordinator and artistic advisor at iDANS (Istanbul International Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival) between 2011-2013 in Istanbul. Currently he is living in Berlin and pursuing his art education at Berlin University of the Arts in the department of Art and Media.

LISA-JOHANNA SCHINDLBECK worked as a directing assistant for Sabine Herken at Berlin University of the Arts and as an assistant for stage designer Hartmut Meyer at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz. She studies Architecture at TU-Berlin, student of Donatella Fioretti (architect) and Stefanie Bürkle (scenographer).