Doppler: Situation One Andrew Wass & Simon Rose

Event | November 17th & 18 2018 , 20:00

Doppler, Andrew Wass dance and Simon Rose saxophone, create dance-music performance through sharing simultaneous practices of improvisation. Together in action, musician and mover explore the infinite possible combinations of their simultaneous compositional and somatic practices. Action and reflection occur cyclically as the performers investigate new territories.

‘Situation One’ integrates spoken and projected text within their established approach to performance. Brief texts, sourced from literary, philosophical, and the performers’ own writings, are integrated in action creating a further creative evocation and contextualisation in performance.

Doppler has presented work in Berlin at: Eden ***** (2014); Tanzfabrik (2017); Urbanraum (2017); Uferstudios,(2014); Artist Homes (2017), Mime Centrum (2016); English Theatre (2014) and for Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung, Hamburg (2015).


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Elmacita Riza
Special thanks to First Floor Studio for support