The Variable Constraint

Event | March, 30th , 20:00

The Variable Constraint Dance Works by
Lower Left Artists
Andrew Wass
Kelly Dalrymple-Wass
Nina Martin
MA Students from the University of Bedfordshire


The piece is research that takes the personal spine as a starting point. It works with the ‘unwinding’ movement material that emerges during an Feldenkrais exploration and its relation to the action of seeing, seeing as a form of support for somebody else performing.
Unwinding is about revealing from the inside out and the fragile territory between dancing, showing, seeing, performing, enjoying and how that can be perceived by the audience.

Choreography: Simonetta Alessandri in collaboration with the dancers.
Performed by MA Dance Performance and Choreography Students, University of Bedfordshire, UK.
Music: Reactions to CERFILIC’s “La Brame du Cerf au Crepus” by Jamie McCarthy and Cosmic Richard by Chis Forsyth and Koen Holtkamp


Choreographed and Performed by: Kelly Dalrymple-Wass and Nina Martin


This dance is an investigation of the difference between development and transformation within the framework of Fussy Dance/Kinetic, initially developed by Nina Martin. The repetitive action affords the dancer a continual stream of opportunities to engage with the noetic moment, when hyletic data becomes unities of sense, allowing greater awareness of and facility in creating the dance.
Choreography and Performance: Andrew Wass