URBAN Performance Series #1

Event | March, 31th , 16:00

URBAN PERFORMANCE SERIES is a new performance format at URBANRAUM starting in March 2019. This new program is a collaboration between dancer and choreographer Jenny Ocampo and URBANRAUM. Every 2-3 months on Sunday afternoons, Berlin based artists will present several short performances (about 20 minutes each). The performances will be staged with minimal technical support, to allow the audience to fully experience their simplicity and rawness. Each event will focus on and explore a socially relevant topic. The goal is for improvisation to become the medium and method to actively reflect on these topics. URBAN PERFORMANCE SERIES hopes to foster an exchange of impulses and new perspectives between artists and audience by creating a dialogue about the artistic process of improvisation. On 31.03.2019 the series will start with a performance curated by Jenny Ocampo. For the following performance on 19.05.2019 there will be an OPEN CALL starting mid March.

1gang (entrance) – Maria Ferrara
(15 min)

This is the second instantly composed performance I do with this title and this clothes rack. This solo work is a follow-up of the investigation on walking that I did for the ensemble piece GANG. I am subordinating the movement to the initiatives of the lower limbs and in parallel I am also playing with the idea of in/out and going in/coming out which are always relative to where we are physically or where we want to belong. ///
About MARIA FERRARA: From narrative text theatre I departed on a journey through physical theatre, clowning, devising, contemporary dance, instant composition and voice. I have performed in England, Spain, Germany and Austria combining all these approaches. I mainly make my own work in ensembles, duets or solo. I am a member of p.u.r.e. (performative urban research ensemble) since its onset and founder of the GANG ensemble.

Between air and women walking - Rossella Canciello & Susanna Grob
(15 min)

A performance about in between.
A woman walking in space. Air. And in between? Two women walking in space. And between? Between my eyes and her. Dreams. Between jacket and skin. Touch. Between heart and heartbeat. Sound. Between feet and stars. Moving colors. Between you and my shoulder.
Dance/performance/idea: Rossella Canciello & Susanna Grob
SUSANNA GROB, kind of nomad based in Berne (CH), is a dancer, performer, pedagogue & Shiatsu student with philosophical and educational background. She gained insights in different dance styles and martial arts like Capoeira, Tai chi & Kali. 2014 she completed TIP, school for dance, improvisation & performance in Freiburg Brsg. With TAIMkollektiv (DE) and compagnie augumohr (CH), which has its main focus on contemporary dance- and musicproductions as well as researches, she produced and performed several pieces.
ROSSELLA CANCIELLO, Italian born and currently based in Berlin, is a choreographer and dancer. Over the years she’s worked with international dance companies and theatres. She collaborates with Susanne Linke, being involved in several projects and recently as an assistant for her workshops. As an educator she teaches contemporary technique, composition and improvisation. Besides her dancing work she also teaches GYROKINESIS® method.

BABILONIA - Paolo Cingolani
(15 min)

Babilonia is a dance piece made of movements and voice. Using the human grammar as the natural score, the performance is sculptured by the body, sounds and text in unpredictable characters. Different scenes and dynamics alternate each other in the flow of the present moment, instantly. Babilonia is the emblema of our times, a cultural orchestra in continuous negotiation and transformation, the expression of the personal identity in the flow of our complex society.
PAOLO CINGOLANI is an Italian dancer specialized in the art of improvisation and instant composition. His work is characterized by a specific training on intuition as the first tool to create dance and text in performance. Since 2012 he is a member of Allen’s Line company of Julyen Hamilton. As freelance artist, Paolo has performed his pieces extensively in many European countries (2005-2019). During the last years he has also developed a body’s technique resulting from the combination of Tai-Ji with the principles of contemporary dance.

I’m sorry – Lea Barletti
(15 min)

Un solo per coscienza sporca.
Ein Solo für schlechtes Gewissen.
A solo for dirty conscience.

I’m sorry, but I want to celebrate the mistake, the doubt, the detour, the moment of falling, of regret. All that is not planned into our lives and shows our fragility and insecurity. I’m sorry!
LEA BARLETTI, born in Rome, now Neuberlinerin, actress and author. As an emigrant in Germany, at first speechless, she gave herself a new inner body through movement and improvisation. In this direction she now begins to carry out personal research into performance with multilingual poetry/text and improvisational dance. She writes her own texts and poems daily, in Italian and now in her creative, dirty German.

On the Edge of silences - Joris Camelin
(15 min)

A tiny fragile point in space and time,
a thin intersection where audience,
breathe, voice, performer and movement stand for a moment,
suspended, depending on each other.
The beauty of not knowing,
trusting that all what’s needed is indeed already happening.
A soft tuning in…
JORIS CAMELIN: dancer-performer-improviser-voicer. Collaborated among others with choreographers such as Meg Stuart, Laurent Chetouane, Constanza Macras and Mark Tompkins. Currently giving workshops and coaching for academies, festivals and various projects around Europe, collaborating with people from many different fields (dancers, actors, musicians, architects and visual artists, among others).

Somewhere where we find each other-
Jenny Ocampo & Michael Vorfeld
(15 min)

Starting their work together some months ago, Michael and Jenny keep their hearts faifthful within composing every instant together, traveling at the same time in a personal dialog with space and time, materialized through body and sound.
JENNY OCAMPO is a choreographer, dancer, performer and mentor based in Berlin. Since 2009 she has been working as a freelancer producing her own projects in collaboration with other artists and theatres of the free scene in Germany and South America. The works Mirage (2016), Damp Sheets (2017), The Canvas (2017) and S (2018), which premiered in Berlin, are among them. Her method, based on improvisation, links the perception of the inner and outer world into dance and performance.

MICHAEL VORFELD is a musician and visual artist, plays percussion and self-designed string instruments and realizes electroacoustic sound pieces. He works in the field of experimental improvised music and sound art, realizing installations and performances with light and sound, and working with photography and film. In addition to his solo activities, he is a member of various ensembles and collaborates with artists who work in many different art forms. Based in Berlin, his list of activities includes numerous concerts, performances and exhibitions in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

** Talk with Audience moderated by Dominik Sippe**