Mariana Hilgert

My name is Mariana Hilgert. I have recently finished my Ph.D. in Translation (UFSC, Brazil/ FU Berlin) with a focus on Dance and Performance. My workshops mix up my passion for literature, translation and generosity towards oneself. I am passionate about teaching, and creating a space of trust is essential for me and my classes. Hip hop, contemporary dance, gaga, traditional African dance, street performance, movement training are some of the embodied tools I address in my work. Writing poetry and playing around with words is a big love I have, but I am also passionate about bearing spaces of creativity beyond the paper. This is where RAAAH is born from.
Along my doctorate research I lead urban performance workshops about poetry and dance. You can check it out here:

In 2016 I started the project I DANCED HERE, that aims to bring people together and perceive the urban space through dance, have a look: