Physical Theatre

Das KOLLAKTIV was founded in Berlin in 2017 by Rosalin Hertrich, Marc Carrera and Sophie Ketteniß to further develop a teaching and artistic concept for a contemporary Physical Theatre. All three are currently engaged in an ongoing discussion on the possibilities, directions, formats, spaces and materials of a nowadays physical theatre.

Marc Carrera studied philosophy at the University Barcelona and holds a MA in Performance Studies by the University Hamburg. Practicing Physical Theatre and dance (Butoh & contemporary) since 2002. He works as choreographer, performer, and body-artist between Berlin and Hamburg. (

Rosalin Hertrich graduated in Theatre- & Media Science and Theatre Pedagogy. She is freelance performer, theatre- and movement teacher. In 2014, Rosalin moved to Berlin to research bodywork, dance and Physical Theatre. She performs in international contexts and initiates Performance projects with sociological approaches.

Sophie Ketteniß is an interdisciplinary theater and performance artist, studied linguist and sign language educator. Her personal interest in dance, theatre and performance pursues epistemological questions of how to gain insight on a physical level and how to work with the body in order to initiate knowledge.