RGWW: Berlin Workshop Rosanna Gamson / World Wide

Workshop | 28. & 29.11.2017 , 12:00 - 16:00

  • Level
    intermediate/advanced movers (comfortable with improvisation and creating movement)
  • Language
  • Cost

    EUR 40

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Improvisational tools and games give dancers the means to tap into undiscovered possibilities within the body. Allowing the mind to enter a “dream” like state of mind; movement can pass through without inhibitions and habits blocking the path. Rosanna Gamson, an award winning and critically acclaimed choreographer based in Los Angeles, teaches her improvisational game system in a 2 day workshop hosted at URBANRAUM. The system develops dancers’ dynamic range, musicality, interpretive skills and ability to enter deeply into choreography as an interpretive artist, and gives choreographers a new toolkit for movement invention and new compositional strategies. The workshop offers a rigorous yet constructive investigation of your physicality and your imagination.

MORE INFOS: message Manuel Meza (manuelmeza@alum.calarts.edu) to signup and to follow up with any questions.