Attentive Bodies An intensiv Weekend laboratory of Improvisation and composition

Workshop | 5.-6.10.2019

Would you like to dive into an intensive weekend of improvisation and composition with a group?
Would you like to experience your voice and language and learn to integrate it in your dance and performance making?
So this two days of intensive laboratory is for you.
This Laboratory is based on my personal ongoing research on the body as a moving sound system, that I’m exploring for the past years, working with groups and directing pieces based on improvisation and instant composition, with live music, and the human voice.
In this 2 day intensive Laboratory, we will dive in improvisation and compositional skills, focusing on the body as a moving sound system.

What is the voice of the improvising body?
How do we embody sound?
How do we embody musicality?
How do we track sound?
How do we use our breath and develop it into sound textures, and language?

This questions will be used as guide lines and as tools to help to evolve and stimulate critical thinking skills of the mind of the dancing body, and the voice of the dancing body, so to learn to navigate through the material we are making, and listen to the material as its being done, as a musician that listens to his music by making it in the present moment, going to the unknown, and finding new ways of moving and creating a performance.

For who is this laboratory?
This laboratory is for everyone who is interested to explore and deepen the research on the sounding body in a performance context.

To sign up please contact:


Ayam is a dancer, musician, choreographer teacher and a performer of many different performance art and healing practises in which sound voice and movement becomes a media of communication discovery and creation. She trained as a professional gymnast as a child, and later as a professional dancer, acrobat, actor and singer. She studied Classical Ballet in “Miriam Kaufman school of Ballet”, and Relies technique and improvisation at “Yasmeen Godder” dance company. She danced for “Kamea dance company”, “Toleda”(Josef Tmim), Yael Orni dance company in Israel. She worked in “Fly y” aerial dance theatre (where she trained as an aerial acrobat), The Israeli opera house, and national theatre for children and youth. As a singer she was trained in Jazz style, and sang Jazz Blues and rock, and performed in jazz cafes in Berlin, and as part of theater pieces. Since 2013 Ayam is researching, developing and creating her own work in the field of instant composition and improvisation. Among pieces she created : Lost & found ( werkstatbuhne 003 - 2014), Chromatic Fieleds (60 minutes performance series Mime Centrum), and directed the piece “How long is now” that was presented three times : “commonground” Tanzfabrik Berlin, “Soundance” Festival Dock11, and “Now festival” - “Verlin” in Berlin 2017-2018, and “Be Coming Through” that was presented in “Commonground” Tanzfabrik Berlin. The pieces are based on Improvisation and instant composition, with live musicians. She is working as a guest dancer/performer and singer in different productions, and collaborating with dancers, singers, musicians, visual artist, and performers from diverse backgrounds. working for choreographers in dance pieces, improvisation performances, concerts, and different productions around Germany and Europe. In Berlin she works and collaborated with : Christin Bonansea Saulut, Yoriko Maeno, Sandra Man and Moriz Majce, Jadi Carboni, Sasa Pavic, Alessio Travisanni(LTT Company), Jagna Anderson, WielandMoeller, Minagawa Takushi, Gábor Hartyáni, Eldar Baruch, and more.