Connection Works & Floor Acrobatics Vol. 3

Workshop | 18.03.2018 , 15:00 - 19:00

The workshop will focus on the technical aspect of Contemporary Dance and on the elements presented:
Floor Work, Floor Acrobatics, Partnering

The principles of floor work practice will be introduced through choreographed phrases. The study of organic movement, connectivity, fluidity and awareness will be practiced throughout our movement tasks, partnering work and improvisation dances. The workshop is made to introduce the main principles to people of less experience and to challenge the Improvisation spaces and partnering skills of more experienced movers.

  • Partnering
    We will explore and study the physical structures of the human body, and how they can be used to support physical interaction: weight sharing, lifts, rolls, slides, simple touch communication, joints’ support, effective body postures. In the workshop we will learn from specific examples/phrases, but also take time to explore further the ideas and possibilities with our partners.

  • Floor Work & Floor Acrobatics
    The dancer’s relation to the floor through all movement levels will be developed, using multiple floor-work patterns and phrases. Using levers and clear pathways, building up a vocabulary that can be used in further understanding the mechanics of movement. Handstands basics, building-strength exercises and different variations of handstands will be practiced. We will work on integrating the floor acrobatics we learn into our dance in and out the floor.

  • Connection Works approach
    Connectivity is studied both in terms of a fully connected moving body and of a mover in a state of full connection with their environment. How the body moves in its full awareness, connecting and interacting with its environment - the other people, the space, the floor- and its own inner state at the same time. Spatial and body awareness, together with connectivity practice, helps to develop a unified physical and mental consciousness, thus a moving body in its full consciousness expressing itself in space and time.