MIRAR_Performance Projekt_Situational Choreography with Karina Suarez Bosche

Workshop | February - July 2019 , -

MIRAR means in Spanish to look. MIRAR is a performance project in the form of a laboratory that reflects on the human condition of loneliness in contemporary society. Working in a studio and later in public spaces, we will generate minimal performative actions that interfere in the personal space of the passerby.

We will take the public space as a place of encounter with the other and as a natural setting for performance actions. Working on improvisation and somatic principles (with somatic methods), a situational choreography will be developed that has the flexibility of being presented in different open and public spaces. By situational choreography I mean: a choreography that is permeable to a specific social context and reacts to a spontaneous public.

The methodology will initiate with the self, listening through principles of somatic methods, exercises of improvisation, and authentic movement. We will then work with close interaction among the participants of the workshop, improvisation exercises and relationships between them that achieve a state of vulnerability. Afterwards, this perception and interaction will expand towards open and public space, inhabiting spaces as scenarios. We will construct images of the body in space, composing with the single body and its position in it. The last step will be the relationship of looking, through the method of participating observation. We will observe, listen and write; echoing sensitive experiences into the body and then constructing performative actions that seek closeness with people.

With the help of improvisation, the laboratory aims to provide tools to expand not only the internal perception but also the external one: What happens in my spatial context? Where and with whom I am? With whom do I co-exist? Socio-cultural-geographical-perception. That is: learning to be present.

Aimed at: artists, creators, performers, dancers, actors, directors and to all people with an interest in the performance and its expression in the public space. No knowledge in performance is needed

Limited to: 15 participants

Dates and Schedule
February to July (every first Saturday of the Month)
From 11 to 14 hrs.
05.05.2019 (This week exceptional in a Sunday)
06.07.2019 (performance presentation)
from 11 to 14 and from 18:00 to 21:00
Performance at 20:00
07.07.2019 (performance presentation)
from 11 to 14 and from 18:00 to 21:00
Performance at 20:00

220 € for the whole Projekt

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