Contemporary Workshop No body's Mind with Dakota Comín

Workshop | 16.03.2019 , 15:00 - 18:00

Are we allowing our body to be part of ourselves? Where are we starting? Where are we finishing? These are the main questions that I am following in my personal research. As it is so, I propose exercices through improvisation and movement structures, where we can increase our sensitivity in order to increase the awarness and strength of our entire self. Our nervous system allow us to connect body and mind, and I use this in my research as the key to go beyond my own limits.

Understanding the body in its entire anatomical, and energetic way I want to give the space to open new questions, and go beyond the comfort zone. In my research, thoughts and sensitivity are as important as physicality. Is the way we use our tools, that make us different human beigns.

Dakota was born in Valencia, Spain. She graduated in the Professional Conservatory of Valencia in Contemporary Dance in 2013, where she was part of an exchange program with the Professional Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium. In 2014, she moved to Madrid where she went through different schools and universities, like Dance and Audiovisuals Arts in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Antropology in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Professional Dance Training Escuela de Danza Carmen Senra, or Descalzinha Professional Training. Paralel to that, she created her own project, which won the 1st Price in “Certamen de MicroDanza de Madrid” in 2015, and danced other projects linked to the professional trainings with coreographers like Sharon Fridman Projects in Movement, Maite Larañeta, Iker Gómez Physical Theater or Jesús Rubio. She starts working as a freelancer in 2016 around Spain and Portugal, with coreographers like MeyLing Bisogno, or Natalia Fernandes among others, and attends different dance Festivals like Summer Intensive in Portugal, or Costa Contemporánea in Spain. She also develops her own work with the solo “ The invisible body” presented in “El teatro del Arte” of Madrid in 2016. In 2018 she moves to Berlin, looking for new horizons, where she colaborates with the coreographer Svea Schneider. Now Dakota works as a freelancer based in Berlin, and combines the performing and coreographic work with teaching and sharing her own research in “No body’s mind”.

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Picture: Grzegorz Bral