Piso Movil Training System & Improvised Movement Writing Theory and Practice for the Floor-Body-Air Trajectory

Workshop | 02.03. & 03.03.2019

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    EUR 70 // Early-bird price (until 15.02.): EUR 60

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02.03.: 15-18h
03.03.: 11-14h

The „Piso Movil“ Training System makes the floor the first material to get in contact with the performer’s body. There, it is where the support relationship with the floor (push and pull) travels to depth the space experience. Thanks to the sense of touch, the floor prepares the performer to come into contact with a second material of less density and mobile: The body of another. Somebody else’s body prepares the performer to get in contact with the last destination: the air. In the „Improvised Movement Writing“ the body is taken as a surgical instrument of the air and space. We can give intentionality to the action, be aware of the existence of the sonority, and find out how deep the theatrical consequence can be out of it.

About Vladimir Rodriguez
Borned in Bogotá / Colombia. He founded in 2003 the contemporary dance company „Cortocinesis“ where he developed his research, his choreographic ideas, and at the same time the training system “Piso Movil” (Mobile Floor). He has been a guest choreographer for different dance institutions (EPDM/México, ASAB/Bogota, Duncan Centre/Praha). 2008 he won the Fellowship in Contemporary Dance Creation in Colombia. He has worked as a guest choreographer in Mexico (Bruja Danza, Tumak‘at, CEPRODAC and Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes) and Ecuador (National Company Dance). He give many Workshops and residences in Center and South America about Piso Movil (PM) and Escritura del Movimiento Improvisado (Improvised Movement Writing).

Registration: jocampomonsalve@gmail.com