Kung Fu Dance Workshop: THE CENTER with Kerem Shemi

Workshop | September, 21th , 10:00 - 14:00

In Chinese martial arts the concept of ‘moving from the center’ relates to connectivity and awareness in the body, moving the body as one holistic unit. The center serves as a bridge between the lower and the upper parts of the body, directing movements and forces from the earth upwards and from the surrounding down into the ground.

In the Kung Fu Dance workshop – ‘the Center’, we will explore how we can create flow, movement and explosiveness from the center, through using different directions and energies such as sending, receiving, pushing, pulling, and others. How can we connect to someone else’s center and to the space around us? What kind of presence can we have by being ‘centered’?

In Kung Fu Dance we explore movement principles and elements drawn from internal Chinese martial arts. Through these principles, we can deepen our understanding of the kinesthetic body which further increase our awareness of movement possibilities and leads us into creative movement and dance.

Themes that will be explored in the workshop, among others are:

  • Concept of center/ core
  • Body structure
  • Body connections
  • Momentum
  • Transfer of movement and power
  • Partner work