Unfolding Poetry Dance Improvisation & Creative Writing

Workshop | 25.02.2018 , 16:00 - 20:00

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    OPEN TO EVERYONE with a sincere interest in the matter (see below)
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    Early-Bird: EUR 45 (If paid before 20th of February)
    After 20th of February: EUR 55

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“Poetry is an Act”

In this workshop, we will explore the richness that inhabits our wild minds and the deep ocean of expression of our body in motion. Working with tasks of improvisation we will enter the creative source of the poetic body; an available, connected, imaginative state that unfolds the poetics that lay in our body´s waiting to be awakened.

Using speech, sound and language we will work with presence, inner visions, imagination, composition, and clarity. DANCING and moving through different improvisation tasks, we will let out body´s talk, also literally, while we shift in an endless current of movement and words. Letting the words interact with the movement and vice-versa. Discovering, how the body can awaken the deep wilderness of your mind and how the words resonate once they have been said, while in motion or silence.

We will also grab our notebooks and WRITE using different creative writing techniques, entering with joy, the fascinating and suggestive field of poetry.

This powerful combination of dance improvisation and writing brings us into new inner worlds and awakens dormant potentials and characters on us. We will slowly let them manifest.

Composing poems in movement and short pieces.
Writing through different tasks, short texts.
We will work alone, in couples and also as a group.

No poetry or literature background needed.
Movement experience of any kind is recommended.

The Workshop is OPEN TO EVERYONE with a sincere interest in the matter. Please feel very welcome to join if you desire so. And of course specifically directed to poets, writers, dancers, performers, actors/actresses, theatre artists, singers, musicians, multidisciplinary artist… that wanna expand their practice and try out new approaches and practices.


Prior Booking and Payment is required to participate in the Workshop. Limited spots.